Sunday, 29 June 2014

Jimmy Savile's Hospital Crimes

A major series of Government reports are in the process of being released about the long and copious allegations of horrific sex offences and obscene behaviour committed by Jimmy Savile while he was serving as a Hospital Porter at various NHS units. According to the source, victims of Savile range in age from five to seventy-five, see: There are also rumours that he carried out perverted sexual activities with corpses in the mortuary. Obviously this news is particularly painful for we, the honourable, proud and decent Porters, both current and former. Along with the disgust and contempt I feel for Savile is a deep, deep shame. He has brought the name of Hospital Portering into disrepute as much as it can be in all physical possibility. Also, as I've said before, he is only the small fry in a massive institution of depravity. The investigation continues.
This subject comes up in this edition of The Mind Set Podcast at 27.04:

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