Friday, 16 August 2013

Portering hits Hollywood

I am now an official consultant to the movie industry... on Hospital Portering matters! Yes, I've been contacted by the film director and scriptwriter Greg Loftin asking for some information. Greg Loftin is best known for writing and directing the movie Saxon starring Sean Harris, see: . Today he is working on a screenplay and production design for a new film, as yet untitled. One of the scene's is set in a hospital; a major character is badly injured and under armed police guard because a group of violent gangsters are trying to murder him. His best friend and his girlfriend have to bust him secretly out under the noses of the staff and police guards. To do this the friend has to disguise himself as a Porter and the girlfriend get a white coat and be disguised as a doctor. It was great fun talking to Greg and working out ways in which this could be achieved, combining his experience as a film maker and mine on the geography and functions of a hospital, and the people who serve in them. Greg asked me lots of questions about the culture of Hospital Portering and hospital life in general. I related some of the many anecdotes of the fascinating and exciting life of a Porter, everything from ghost stories to bomb scares! It made me feel rather nostalgic; I realize now that I do miss Portering despite my various positive exhalations to the contrary. I'm very pleased Greg decided to bring me into his project in this capacity; in all modesty, he's definitely got the best man for the job. I'll be following progress on the film's production and hope to see it on a screen near you, soon!