Saturday, 3 November 2018

Porters- First Series

I have now watched the other two episodes of the pilot series of Porters. See here for essential background: I originally only saw Episode 3, but I've watched 1 and 2 now. I can't add much to what I said in the background link. My continued viewing of the series has not changed my mind very much. I cringed slightly at the dynamic between Simon and Lucy a few times, simply because it is so true to life; and, without going into details right now if you don't mind, I have experienced something like it myself. I have even had some of the "nightshift dreams" that he enjoyed... or endured. That wasn't the only aspect of the programme that struck a chord with me. I was halfway through Episode 1 when I realized something about Tillman. He is me...! I mean it. He is my alter ego in a parallel universe, thirty years from now, if I had stayed in hospital portering. I would have become the same crazy old man that he is, whacking people with golf balls and kidnapping suicidal patients to torture them. There is some excellent satire in the series, primarily in Episode 3 relating to soft kill bureaucracy and the Big Brother State, see here for more details: However humour is always the best solution to evil and the irrepressible Frankie finds a funny way to fool the system. All three episodes of Porters- Series 1 can be watched here: I look forward very much to the second series. Production has begun on it, see: Most of the Series 1 cast will return, but they're not yet sure about Rutger Hauer. I hope he does come back. It wouldn't be the same without him.