Monday, 2 September 2013

NHS Sickness Rates Treble

It's been reported that staff sickness rates in Oxfordshire's NHS Primary Care Trusts have increased threefold in the last few years. For some reason this is considered news when such an outcome should be pretty obvious and predictable, see: As I've mentioned many times before the NHS is being demolished in order to privatize it completely and openly, see: There are fewer staff expected to treat more patients for less pay and fewer resources; morale has never been so low. What on Earth does anybody expect? Of course staff sickness rates are going to rise! Luckily the above article does acknowledge that; it doesn't attempt to villify NHS staff as "scroungers" who've "had it too easy" and pour emasculating scorn on them for their lack of moral fibre. However it's no good Carl Jenkinson (a former Porter) setting up a "Wellbeing Centre" at Ockie Health; the root cause of the problem must be tackled, and that is the UK Government's entire health policy for the last forty years.