Thursday 12 June 2014

NHS Inpatients Charged for Board

The inevitable has happened; it's taken the Government almost forty years, but their final destination is in sight.
Over my twenty-three years in NHS service I watched it happen. The National Health Service has had its budget squeezed tighter and tighter, personnel have been axed and units shut down. Managerial staff have been far too preoccupied organizing a more and more constrained service, and far too afraid of losing their own jobs, to do anything to stop the rot. More work is being done by fewer people earning less pay. The Department of Health has imposed more and more rules and regulations, as well as "performance targets" that are impossible to reach. Unions have been focused on forcing members to use politically correct terminology and ranting about how evil white straight males are; they've totally failed to motivate a resistance against the rot. As I've said in the background article, this is "un-news". We all knew deep down it was coming. The sixty-six year era of free state-run healthcare in the UK has come to an end. The question is: who will be the first politician to admit it? After four decades of swearing to God this would never happen, while at the same time signing the privatization papers, how quickly will they set up the new system where we have to buy insurance cards or use charity hospitals like in the United States? It mattered not who we voted for because both the main political parties implemented the same policy while in power, and challenged it while in opposition. Interestingly when I first clicked on the source page below there was an ad in the column to the right promoting a private health insurance firm!

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