Wednesday, 15 November 2017

The Italian Job

Pewsey railway station is a small and very traditional outpost in the Wiltshire countryside. Its two small platforms and little stone and brick waiting room make a sweet and peaceful place to enjoy the British railway network. I went there recently after a hectic Halloween social event in Devises. I had half an hour to wait for my train home and so took a stroll around the area. I was then delighted to come across one of Wiltshire's many well-kept little secrets. Just outside the gates of Platform Two was a small black caravan with an awning. On the side was the words "The Italian Job". Inside was a very small but very comfortable cafeteria. Behind the counter was a man called Roy Messenger, and after talking to him for a while I discovered that he is a former hospital porter... And there's me thinking I could tell just by looking! He serves authentic Italian coffee brewed in Turin. It is a special blend of selected beans. I'm sure My EP&DBP Roy makes many commuters' and holiday makers' day with his special flavoured coffee. He also serves pastries and confectionary; I had one of his pains-au-chocolat. Roy spends most days at Pewsey Station, but sometimes he tows his caravan to outdoor concerts, fairs and other festivals. He is available for private hire. See here for his website: Like my EP&DBP Roy, I am an ex-hospital porter trying to find a new life after the hospitals. It's not easy. I wish him all the success in the world and salute him as an EP&DBP. If you're ever passing through the area by train, do please pay him a visit.


  1. Ben he is brilliant and switched on. Great for showing his innovative caravan. I have seen it develop

  2. You're welcome. Yes, I'm so glad he's doing well.