Sunday, 26 February 2012

Accusations of Fraud

I’m writing this because somebody has been going round the Net accusing me of fraud. They’re claiming that The HPWA is a fake charity set up deliberately so I can embezzle money to myself, in the same way that the British politician Jeffrey Archer did a few years ago with his fraudulent charity that was supposed to be helping the Iraqi Kurds. He was sent to jail for that, quite rightly! Let me reassure you right now that the HPWA is a genuine charity and its sole intention to raise money to help Hospital Porters and ex-Hospital Porters, and their families, in times of need and support. Everything I do will be legal and above board. You'll see.

My accuser has no evidence at all; they’re just saying it for the hell of it: “I think Ben is setting up a fake charity to make money”. I will not stand for my name being smeared in this way. I’m politely requesting that my accuser, you know who you are, ceases as desists these accusations right now! I’m only going to ask once...

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