Wednesday, 22 February 2012

What Now for the HPWA?

If you’re a regular reader of the other HPANWO blogs you’ll know that I’ve been discharged from the Hospital Portering Service, see: and: . So, you might ask, does this mean it’s all over for the HPWA? Well, in a word, no. There’s no doubt the financial difficulties I’m now facing will mean I‘ll have to change the organization of the HPWA to an extent; I now no longer have the ability to pre-invest. This means that the actual fundraising events I do will be limited to what I can afford from my civilian employment, at least to begin with. But just because I’m no longer a serving Hospital Porter doesn’t mean that I cannot run a charity for Porters and ex-Porters. After all there are many people who are ex-Armed Forces and who are actively involved in Help for Heroes, see: . The good news is that many of the actual plans I had for the first sponsored events are extremely low budget. Watch this space and I’ll soon give you the details!

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