Friday, 26 June 2015

"Hospital Worker" sees Ghost

Hospitals are often very haunted places; probably due to the amount of fear, suffering and death within their walls. Psychically-sensitive people like Dr Mitchell Gibson has had regular encounters with spirits of the deceased, see: It's been reported that a member of staff at the Leeds General Infirmary has recorded evidence of a ghost. Andrew Milburn was texting his girlfriend just before going on duty for his nightshift last Friday. He took a picture of what he saw as an empty corridor near the children's ward and when the picture came out it showed an ethereal human figure on it. The spectre is translucent and semi-formed and appears to show a girl or small woman walking swiftly towards the left hand wall of the passage. She is wearing a long dress that looks old-fashioned in style; it could even be an 1800's nurses' uniform. The LGI dates back to the 19th century, although a lot of rebuilding has been done on the main site during the hospital's history. I suspect this is a fake. There are even mobile apps available that allow you to instantly create false ghost photos. Why would Mr Milburn be taking a photo at all there? It's strictly against regulations; in fact all personal devices have to be switched off while you're on duty and/or on site. He claims he saw nothing unusual at the time; then why did he take the shot in the first place? That being said however, his colleagues at the LGI have related experiences that are possibly paranormal, as most staff at most hospitals do; I wouldn't like to entirely discount the notion that a ghost is currently patrolling the corridors there. I just doubt that this image counts as evidence. What bugs me most about this news story is that it keeps referring to Milburn as a "hospital worker"; what the hell does that mean? If he were a doctor or nurse would he be so described? I have an awful feeling that he is actually a porter and is ashamed to admit it. This I find very frustrating and sad, see here for details:

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