Saturday, 19 May 2018

St Theo's Day 2018 Fliers

The fliers for this year's St Theo's Day are finished. Pretty soon I shall print and distribute them. This year, as with last year, I have produced two different fliers, one for the Oxfordshire hospitals on my doorstep; and another to be distributed to other institutions around the country. I will send the second national flier by post, addressed to the porters in those institutions. Apologies for the long delay between St Theo's Day 2018 and the St Theo's Day 2018 official get-together. This is due to staff availability.

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  1. Hi Ben, I'm curious about something. You go on a lot about being a porter, which is strange enough as it is, but you never mention the core of what a porter does. A porter's job is being held at the whim of those above him. A porter cannot decide when and where a patient should go so you have to rely on orders from those more qualified then yourself. Being a porter isn't all about you it is about being a humble servant to patients who rely on your diligence, quiet reverence, respect and protection.

    Patients above porters

    All the best